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GELPAT is anchored in the French village of Saint-Auvent, in the heart of the Natural Park of Périgord-Limousin where, in 1976, a baker created the very first factory dedicated to supporting French pastry chefs and small businesses throughout the region and then the country with amazing frozen products. Since then, under a new leadership team, GELPAT has mastered producing high-end frozen pastries and has built a talented workforce dedicated to supplying the finest choux creations throughout France to a variety of customers; from local artisan bakers and pastry chefs to retailers. Today, Gelpat creations are available throughout Europe and now in the US.

Gelpat Pastries


Bindi unites decades of Italian expertise and a constant drive for innovation to craft deliciously desirable offerings. From classics, like pastry cakes and croissants, to indulgent frozen desserts and gelato, our entire range provides both wholesale and single portion delicacies. Come discover Bindi’s sweetest temptations.

Bindi Collection

Single Servings

Gran Gelato and Sorbetto



Buoni E Pronti

Our new line of high quality savory delights offers premium Italian ingredients and delectable flavors, for uniquely delicious wholesale and single offerings. Discover the richest flavors for the most fast and practical solutions with Bindi Buoni e Pronti.




Forno d'Asolo

Our products boast perfect consistency and softness that lasts all day long, thanks to a careful selection of the best raw materials and production processing that meets the highest quality standards.

FdA Breakfast